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Our Clients are our patrimony and our focus. International Clients are even more cuddled with tailored professional advisory. 

When foreigners face the Italian market, whether it is to do business or to buy real estate properties, they encounter many uncertainties, in an unknown economic, financial and regulatory environment. We offer a high-quality consulting service to make sure that these uncertainties are removed, leaving our Clients to focus on their goals. Every day our commitment is to go beyond numbers.

For this reason we want to share below some real testimonies about our professonal practice by our international clients:

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Claus Pohle (Germany)

"In order to perform as a german entrepreneur on the Italian market in the long term, in addition to the unconditional will to succeed, you need a bit of luck, and most important, capable consultants who can offer you the most professional advice. From the very beginning our company was launched in Italy in 2009 we were accompanied by the tax consultants Rezzonico & Malagoli, whose multilingual team offers perfect service in all aspects of Italian tax law.

Meanwhile Mr. Paolo Malagoli became a close friend to me, whose advice is highly appreciated also beyond tax advisory."

(Claus Pohle - Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers - Como Lake - Direct review)

Claus pohle

Dan Topaz (Israel)

"Doing business around the world you are learning that the most important thing is to find the local professional needed to your company success.

Working now 6 years with Paolo as our / my financial consultant I can say that he is a True partner/friend that put himself with 100% commitment and professionalism to us.

Thank you Paolo.

LinkedIn members feel free to contact me to get more details on Paolo and his staff."

(Dan Topaz: business man - Ham Let Srl company owner - Linkedin review) 

Dan topaz

Ana Fernandéz Gil (Spain)

"Dr. Malagoli is a colleague with whom is a pleasure to work, given his experience, the undoubted professionalism and the ease of communication. A professional to rely on."

(Ana Fernandéz Gil: lawyer - Linkedin review)

Ana fern.

Igor Kozlov (Russia)

"A new market, with new rules and new laws. Arriving in Italy frightened us, but Rezzonico & Malagoli firm has been our guide, knowing how to help us from a 360 degrees point of view and taking us to the goal of running a succesfull business with our company in Italy. 

We recommend them, the right consultants."

(Igor Kozlov - former shareholder and C.E.O. of an Italian subsidiary company - Direct review)

Client reviews

Gouri Sanghvi (UK)

"We are very impressed with Mr. Paolo Malagoli for his sincerity, professionalism and guidance. We must appreciate his help and support for the Italian accounting system even on out of office time (Saturday !) this indicate the commitment towards his clients. He has good knowledge of course but also a good person. We recommend Mr. Paolo Malagoli and his company if anyone would like to open office in Italy."

(Gouri Sanghvi - Managing Director of Welwin Chemicals Europe Ltd - Google review)

Client testimonials 2

Stephen Cass (U.S.A.)

"As a new investor in Italian Real Estate, Paolo has personally help me navigate the initial steps of getting set up and going so that the next steps will easily fall into place.  Exceedingly well done. Thanks!!!"

(Stephen H. Cass - NCEE Lincoln, Nebraska, USA - Direct review)

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Tim Zeelie (South Africa)

"I recommend Paolo Malagoli and his team highly – they are experts in their field and working with them is a pleasure. They helped us move our tax residency to Italy, advised us on how to structure our business, and assisted us in registering a new company – everything we needed. If you plan to move to Italy or do business here, then Rezzonico Malagoli Associati are the perfect partners to help you get established"

(Tim Zeelie - Shareholder and Director of Afriku S.R.L. and Politburo Ltd. - Google Review)

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