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Real estate tax consultants in Como

Lake Como, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Milan... You are thinking about buying your dream real estate property in Italy or You have just bought a house in Italy and now you may be thinking about what the purchase tax obligations are, what the tax implications are, which annual tax fulfilments and payments to be carried out according to the Italian fiscal regulations with regards to real estate properties. And what happens if You rent it to other people or then if You want to sell it? Is it possible to legally save money?

After many years of experience, side by side with the most important real estate brokers; after being consultants in many real estate deals, we can offer our international Clients full tax consultancy and services about all the real estate matters for the whole Italian market.

At the purchase of your house, if needed, we can assist with a preliminary due diligence review, maybe in a team with skilled lawyers and architects to understand if, from the legal, tax, urbanistic, and cadastral points of view, your target real estate property has problems or not. This is, of course, the best way to protect your investment from the beginning.

Then, after the house purchase, we can assist our international Clients with a full tax service in regard to all the yearly tax obligations arising from the property of a house in Italy.  We can even organize the direct payment of taxes, on behalf of the Client, if he hasn't an Italian bank account.

Even if our Clients want to profit from their Italian house, by renting it, we can assist them in studying the best way to legally save taxation according to our Italian laws and international treaties against double taxation. Then we can prepare and file all the necessary tax returns, and arrange the payment of arising income taxes. We also correspond with our Clients' Country tax consultants to coordinate their national tax obligations and collect all the needed information.

When Clients want to sell their real estate properties in Italy, we can assist and advise them to find the best way to save taxation.

And finally, sometimes, international Clients want to become national Clients, relocating their residences to Italy. We have a long experience in this matter and sometimes our clients also take advantage of some recent very interesting tax regimes for new residents in Italy (the "Res-non-dom flat Tax" or the "Expats tax package").

We can also introduce international Clients to local banks and insurance brokers for opening bank accounts and/or to protect their houses/investments in Italy. We have a wide network of other professionals and quality suppliers.

Be confident to contact us, we can meet You and explain our services, being sure to offer high-quality advice to international Clients, not only limited to the Como area or Lake Como, but also for the whole of Italy.

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