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Economic-financial advisory

We advise individual clients in organisation and support them in negotiating asset arrangements with relatives and/or third parties, in generational transitions of companies, in the stages of succession and in all extraordinary stages or during discontinuity where professionalism, confidentiality and reliability are heartfelt values.

For some clients, on the personal responsibility of the firm professionals, we carry out the so-called "Family office" activity, that is, we act as managers and consultants of their personal assets, be they real estate, financial or corporate assets. We plan the most appropriate tools and solutions to protect personal assets, with the client. We replace the owner in the stages of negotiation, evaluation, control of investments, relationship with trustees, third party consultants and with banks (including international banks), we participate in shareholder meetings, councils and meetings in place of our clients. 

  • asset arrangements  
  • company generational transfers  
  • asset protection tools 
  • confidentiality through trust companies and other solutions  
  • inheritance successions  
  • Family office service 
  • representation 

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