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Online consulting

We make all our skills as Accountants, but above all as consultants, available through digital technologies (e.g. Skype, Zoom, etc.) with no pre-established geographical limits.

If you have a theme, a topic, a doubt or a problematic situation and want to refer it to us, we are also available to provide online advice, on all subjects that fall within our area of competence and displayed on this website.

You are a foreign company or individual and don't know Italian regulations? You have a confidential matter that you don't want to tell your accountant about? Or a matter your accountant does not deal with? Does our proximity to Switzerland or our expertise in foreign operations affect your case?

Contact us at our email address or by filling out the appropriate contact form for online advice below and explain your case. We will quickly reply on the possibility of offering you specific advice and with a professional opinion quote. You can also send us the documents necessary for a more in-depth examination at a later stage.

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