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Corporate finance

Corporate finance has always been one of the areas of accountant activity where we specialise the most, both with regard to training and practice. We have many years of experience in this specific sector and solid, lasting relationships with the main credit and fiduciary institutions in Italy and abroad, thus we are able to support clients with expert advice whether they are looking to access the capital market, better present themselves to banks or financial institutions or they are SMEs or promising start-ups looking for new partners or business angels.

  • study and procurement of bank loans and capital partners 
  • assistance in relations with banks, financial and trust institutions 
  • business plans, cash flows, treasury plans and documents for obtaining loans 
  • analysis of benefits of sources of financing on the market 
  • analysis, control and planning of the corporate financial structure and forecasting needs 
  • capital transactions, bond loans and shareholder loans 
  • evaluation of alternative investments (property, plant, machinery ...) 
  • evaluation and comparison with competitors 

Como finanza aziendale commercialista

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