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Tax consulting

We provide complete and customised tax advice to clients in any area of tax law. We assist them in planning their tax burden with a careful study of their needs, drawing up the best possible solution.

We are not "magicians" who zero the taxes with who knows what "tricks", but with who knows what risks (including criminal charges). We are profound connoisseurs of the rules and careful in applying them, we optimise and reduce the tax burden of our clients as much as possible within the bounds of legality.

  • tax advice and opinions for ordinary and extraordinary transactions 
  • tax advice in business relations with foreign countries 
  • assistance with the declaration of income (tax returns) and other taxes, including real estate 
  • issue of stamp of approval for tax credits 
  • assistance with all tax communications and tax payments 
  • tax benefits and tax credits 
  • application of international treaties against double taxation
  • special motions to Italian Tax Authoities about complex cases
  • tax audit assistance on site and with the tax authorities 
  • representation, management and resolution of litigation with the tax authorities 
  • first and second degree defence in tax litigation 

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