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Corporate consulting

We support clients at every stage of the life of companies, regarding both people and capital. From the foundation, with the choice of the best way of "dressing" the company, drafting the articles of association and notary assistance, to the ordinary life of the company, with changes relating to the entry of new shareholders or for handing over to the next generation, to even more complex extraordinary operations (acquisitions, mergers, demergers, transfers, transformations, etc.), until closure, with all the operations relating to the liquidation of companies.

Years of experience and close cooperation with the best notary firms and university professors of corporate law allow us to "stitch together" the right company structure to best satisfy our Clients.

  • establishing simple companies or other personal partnerships; 
  • limited liability companies formation and registration: SRL, SPA; 
  • innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs; 
  • advice on drafting and amending statutory rules 
  • shareholders' agreements and relations between shareholders 
  • sales of shares in SRL (consulting and assignment deeds) 
  • legal advice for extraordinary operations (acquisitions, mergers, demergers, transformations, liquidations, takeovers, sales of shareholdings, capital transactions, etc.) 
  •  assignments of common representation (communions on shareholdings, bondholders ...) 
  • handing over the business or company to the next generation 

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